If you are getting your hardwood floors inspected for the first time, you will probably have several questions you want to ask.

As one of the top flooring inspection companies in our service area, Carolina Flooring Inspections is committed to educate residents of the Carolinas on everything there is to know about floor inspections.

Below are some of the answers to frequently asked questions we hear about our flooring inspections.

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Are you certified?

Yes. We are certified and licensed by the NWFA and IFCII to inspect hardwood flooring. Visit our credentials page for a complete list of our expert training qualifications.

What is your service area?

We service North Carolina, South Carolina, Southern West Virginia, Southern Virginia, Eastern Georgia, and Eastern Tennessee.

How much does your floor inspection cost?

Pricing is based on a number of factors including, but not limited to, your floor’s total square footage, travel distance between your location and our office, our schedule and availability, and depth of report findings. We encourage you to contact us to discuss your specific circumstances so we can provide you an accurate quote.

How does a floor inspection work?

Think of us as detectives. Our job is to look for clues and make solid conclusions based on facts. We are impartial, experienced professionals trained to inspect hardwood floors using our eyes and electronic tools. While not required, if the homeowner can provide any history of the flooring installation, or repairs, then we can make an even more through assessment.

What does your floor inspection include and NOT include?

All floor inspections are performed physically on the premises by a well trained certified inspector. The customer is provided a detailed follow up report that addresses all flooring and crawlspace issues. All our report findings are objective and unbiased so the customer can decide for themselves their subsequent course of action. We will not speculate without evidence to support our assessment. As certified inspectors, we are not licensed to perform any flooring repair work so our reports will not include a list of recommended local contractors. We would NEVER tell you whether to buy a home or not based on the floor’s condition.

How long does a floor inspection take?

A typical floor inspection can last from 1-2 hours. It really depends on the total square footage of hardwood flooring to be inspected. 

Do I need to be present for the floor inspection?

Somebody will be required to provide us access inside your property in order to inspect the floors. If you have a crawlspace, we’ll need access to that as well so we can inspect the substrate and joists. A lot of times we’ll coordinate with real estate agents to provide entry on behalf of the seller or buyer.

What things can I do to prepare BEFORE a floor inspector arrives on site ?

Prior to our arrival, it can be helpful if you compile any history of your floors such as refinishing, repairs, date of installation, known damage or accidents, warranties, etc. Additionally, it can be very helpful if you can recall any history of repairs that may impact your floors such foundation repairs, plumbing leaks or crawlspace work.    

What are the most common floor problems you encounter during an inspection?

Specific to residential homes, we see a lot of floors suffering from cupping. More often the cause is moisture issues from the crawlspace. No two floors are alike so everybody’s situation is different. Due to high humidity in the Carolinas, it’s not uncommon for us to see gapping and buckling from neglected or floors installed incorrectly in both new and old homes.

Will you inspect my crawlspace as part of the flooring inspection?

Yes. A crawlspace inspection can provide us many clues. We can study the subfloor and joists from the crawlspace. For example, water damage from leaking pipes can directly impact a hardwood floor’s structural integrity. When inside a crawlspace we take humidity moisture readings and look for rotting wood structures due to water or termites.

Can a flooring inspection help me negotiate a reduced price when deciding to buy a real estate property?

Absolutely! A floor inspection report can make a huge difference as you go through your due diligence period, especially if the results show extensive damage in need of replacement, or warning signs that the floors will get progressively worse in time. Customers have told numerous times how a floor inspection report ultimately saved them thousands of dollars. Read our reviews.

Since a defective floor can raise many legal questions, can I hire you as a flooring expert witness to provide expert analysis and testimony in court?

Yes. We encourage you to contact us to discuss your specific circumstances. Any conversation you have us with us will be kept confidential.

Have you ever been called upon for forensic analysis of floors, floor repair cost estimations, floor site investigations, flooring contract reviews, or other related flooring inquires?

Yes. We encourage you to contact us to discuss your specific circumstances. All conversations will be kept confidential.