If you read some of the reviews below you will quickly realize that customers think Carolina Flooring Inspections is a professional flooring inspection company because they deliver objective and certified inspections based on years of experience in the flooring industry.

Below are a handful of our most recent customer reviews published on our Google My Business page.

frances r

Thorough and Knowledgeable

Am very thankful to Mr. Linford for his prompt response to request for an inspection. He was thorough and knowledgeable. His inspection report let me know everything I had been saying about my wood floor was exactly on point.
marrion sullivan

Highly Recommended

We were very fortunate to have selected Carolina Flooring Inspections to determine the issues with our flooring. Andrew Linford, the owner, came all the way to Charleston, SC, to help us. He immediately identified the cause for the issues and discussed our problem in detail. His report included this information. We hope that it will help resolve the question of what, and who, was at fault. Can’t recommend him enough.
peggy cheadle

Very Professional

Very professional and knowledgeable. If you have problems with your floors, give Andrew a call.
michael w

Inspection Report Got Flooring Done Correctly

I wish I were writing a good positive review for my insurance company and their selected contractor - but His Inspection was the only good thing to come out of an unfortunate situation. When battling the insurance company and contractors it was a good feeling to have a 3rd party (who isn't worried about an expense or time) to see and understand exactly what we have to live with. His certified report justified exactly what we were trying to express with our claims and frustration. Anyways, it's finally over and flooring done correctly, and was all because of you....Thanks again!